Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Monday Morning Poem

People usually find the incessant
Barking of a dog or two
Inside their fence
A nuisance, noise pollution.

A rap on the window,
"Shut up out there!"

After listening to those dogs bark
At the same string of squirrels,
     Loose dogs roaming the neighborhood,
           The occasional passerby,
                The mail lady six days a week
                      Between noon and two o'clock,

I hear those dogs barking out
A testimony to the sheer persistence
Of created life
As I hop in the shower
     And head to work on Monday morning.

- 3 October 2011

1 comment:

  1. I haven't been visiting many blogs the last few months and between computer crashes and losing bookmarks lost track of you. Good to see you are still alive. I read your "lost your joy" post and yeah, been there... in some aspects of my life, am there. Church work is well, work... and has been for years now. When the shine of being "loved" wears thin then people become burdens and objects and "ministry" becomes a job to do instead of a passion or even a cross to bear. But yes, some real life, a good pipe, a 12 year old Scotch and a hand in hand walk in the evening cool with the wife goes a long way to calming the soul.